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Timed pallet delivery services

Pallet delivery to suit you!


Palletways offers a variety of timed delivery solutions that provide choice and flexibility for our customers. Whether you need your deliveries at a specifc time or you need it outside of normal working hours, we have a solution to suit.  

Specified Timed Delivery

For those custoers that need their delivery at a specific time. Maybe you are only available to receive at that time, or you are working on a time specific project that requires deliveries at dictated times. This option provides you with that precision. 

AM Deliveries

With AM (Morning) Deliveries your consignments will be delivered between 9am and 12pm. This is particularly useful if you are under time pressures and need your delivery as early as possible. 

Evening Deliveries

Evening Deliveries are carried out between 5pm and 9pm. This is a flexible choice for thos customers who may be at work all day and not available to receive deliveries until they get home or for those business who only open in the evening or are able to accept pallet deliveries after other venues have closed.

Saturday Delivery

A weekend delivery option where you can choose to have your consignments delivered on a Saturday morning. This again is particularly useful for those who have been at work all week or those business who need delivery on a Saturday morning, in preparation for a busy weekend!

All of these deliveries are supported by our market-leading 2 hour ETA, where you will receive an estimated time for your Delivery, providing you with information every step of the way. 

To use any of these services you will need to contact your local member or Palletways 

You can easily track your delivery on our website by entering your tracking number for your shipment, and because your shipment is scanned at every point on its journey, our cloud-based next generation technology tracks it every step of the way.  We are the only pallet delivery company that uses the same technology with every one of our members within Europe.

If you would like to book in a shipment for a timed delivery, please contact your local member here, or contact us centrally.


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