Pallet delivery services

International pallet delivery services

Need to ship your palletised freight into Europe as quickly as possible?

Whether you are sending your pallets within the UK or across borders, put them all on the same truck and we will get them where they need to be.

Reaching your customers across Europe is easy with Palletways. With over 400 depots, and 21 hubs in 24 countries we have more members in more locations to deliver faster and more reliably than ever. Thanks to Palletways European wide reach, your international pallets are collected in the exact same way as domestic freight. This scale allows you to benefit from better transit time with daily departures to the continent. 

From premium time-critical to cost-effective economy services you can choose the solution that meets your needs and we will make sure your goods arrive safely and on time.

Our Market Leading European Coverage

Whether you ship occasionally or frequently to one or many countries, you will benefit from Palletways’ market leading services including:

  • Flexible Schedule Daily departures to all destinations, meaning you can ship when you want - daily, weekly or on demand
  • Full track & trace from end to end where you can track your shipment throughout the journey
  • Flexible scale. We adapt to your shipment needs and volume variations on short-term or seasonal basis
  • Local knowledge. Our drivers circulate their local area daily, with up-to-date knowledge of the local road and delivery conditions
  • Easy access to 24 countries. Palletways supports your expansion into new markets across Europe!

If you have any questions about international pallet shipping or would like to book a shipment, please Contact Us .


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