Pallet Delivery Services

Estimated time of arrival (ETA)

Do you want an estimated delivery window?

We understand that time is extremely precious, and we could all do with more of it!  That is why we were the first palletised express freight company to introduce a 2-hour delivery window to save your customers waiting around all day for your delivery.

Whether your delivery is going to a warehouse or a residential address, every UK consignment has a 2-hour delivery window which informs the recipient when their delivery is due. This automated process frees up your team from handling delivery update calls and gives your customer peace of mind and lets them plan their day around the delivery window.

When an order is placed with Palletways, your customers are provided with the opportunity to track their shipment throughout the network and when it is on its final part of the journey, our systems send a text message to the recipient, informing them when the delivery will take place.

If you would like to know more about how estimated time of arrival (ETA) can work for you, please contact your local member here, or Contact Us.


Palletways regions that provide this service


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