South Shields Transport Firm and Palletways member celebrates 50th anniversary

Glendale Transport

Glendale Transport, a leading logistics company and a proud member of the UK’s largest and most trusted pallet network, Palletways UK, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Established in 1973, Glendale Transport started out as a furniture removal company.  After 30 years of successful trading, it made the commercial decision in 1993 to join the Palletways network as one of its founder members. It initially handled a modest volume of between one and five pallets a day. Today, it currently averages around 800 pallets per day.

To commemorate this significant milestone, Glendale Transport has made substantial investments in its facilities and fleet.

Jamie Moore, Glendale’s managing director, comments: “I am proud to say our company was and still is a family run. Throughout our 50 years, we’ve overcome numerous challenges and 2020 presented one of the toughest periods as we navigated the unprecedented effects of the pandemic. Like many others in the industry, we faced uncertainties about our future, but we persevered. Today, not only have we weathered the storm, but we’ve also experienced rapid growth.

“The purchase of a new 10,000 square foot storage facility at Middlefields Industrial Estate and the acquisition of two new tractor units, two new trailers and two new six-wheel vehicles has been made possible thanks to the resilience, hard work, and dedication of our entire team. Much of our success is down to them, some of whom have been with us for over two decades, and we’re fortunate to work with such incredibly loyal staff.

“Looking ahead to the next five years, I think we’ll see the adoption of electric vehicles within our fleet to combat rising fuel costs and reduce our impact on the planet. Glendale Transport has been steadfast in the transportation industry and we’ve contributed significantly to the evolution of logistics over the past five decades. While the future of logistics remains uncertain we’re well placed for continued growth in the years ahead.”

Warwick Trimble, network director at Palletways UK, added: “As Glendale Transport celebrates its 50th anniversary, the team should look back with pride at its remarkable journey, celebrate its growth and embrace future opportunities and challenges. With an unwavering commitment to deliver service excellence and a dedicated team at its core, Glendale Transport is valued member of the Palletways family and a trusted partner for all logistics needs in the North East.”

Glendale Transport has grown exponentially over the past five decades. It currently employs a team of 40 highly skilled professionals and it operates a fleet of 35 curtain-sided vehicles – 20 of which are used for Palletways’ shipments - and is recognised as a market leader in the North East region.


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