Poole logistics staff buoyed with Palletways’ Platinum award win

Palletways truck

Following a challenging and unprecedented few months, staff at Eaton Transport Poole, part of AET Transport in Poole have received a much-needed boost, having received a Platinum Club award from Imperial’s Palletways in recognition of their company’s operational excellence.

Eaton Transport, a member of Palletways - Europe’s largest and fastest growing express palletised freight network, and part of the Imperial Group - joins an elite collective of just 23 companies from across the UK that have received a Platinum award for operational excellence. The team has been recognised after demonstrating their ability to deliver the highest level of service to the network and their customers throughout the previous year.

Andrew Trotter, managing director at Eaton Transport, said: “The Platinum award recognises the very best companies within Palletways’ UK network and is only presented to those members that excel in the service delivery field. Following a tough few months, this award comes as welcome news to our 30-strong team and I’m pleased their hard work has received the recognition it rightly deserves.”

Rob Gittins, managing director at Palletways UK, added: “As part of the global Imperial business, we place the highest importance on service excellence, and our thanks go to the entire team at Eaton Transport who have delivered consistently high levels over the past year.

“The strong performance of our network members throughout the UK and our growing European system is a fundamental market differentiator, and enables Palletways to support Imperial’s overall ambitions to become a major global logistics player with multifaceted services and competencies across many geographies.”

Eaton Transport is one of over 115 independent transport providers that are part of the Palletways UK network. They benefit from shared expertise and resources from within the group to deliver consignments of palletised freight to market faster and more cost effectively than ever before. The Palletways Group, famed for its industry-leading IT developments and operational systems, comprises 450+ depots and 20 hub operations, through which it provides collection and distribution services across 24 European countries, including the UK.


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