Palletways Members’ £½M fleet investment to reduce environmental impact and recruit drivers

Speed Welshpool Fleet Investment

Palletways member, Speed Welshpool, has invested more than £½million to expand its fleet to help reduce its impact on the environment and recruit and retain the best drivers in the industry.

The investment, which comes less than two years after it ploughed £1.1m into new equipment, has led Speed Welshpool to add four heavy-duty Scania trucks to its fleet, alongside the 26 HGV’s, 29 trailers and eight vans it already uses to deliver freight around the Mid-Wales/Shropshire region.

Speed Welshpool’s managing director, George Edwards, said: “This investment comes as we celebrate our biggest year yet as our turnover exceeded £8m and our operating profit totalled more than £1m for the first time.

“While our previous vehicles were just a couple of years old, they were starting to show their age. We trialled numerous vehicles and listened carefully to the feedback from our existing drivers before we chose the new models. Scania vehicles are ‘driver trucks’ and with the words ‘driver shortage’ continuing to be in the news, it was important to invest in state-of-the-art equipment to help attract and retain the best drivers in the area.”

George added that anyone in the logistics industry has a duty to operate in an eco-friendlier way. He continued: “As you’d expect, the majority of our CO2 emissions are caused by our fleet which is why we’re constantly reviewing ours in a bid to help reduce our impact on the environment. Scania has won the ‘Green Truck’ award for its industry leading efficiency and green credentials for six consecutive years. Our new models meet the toughest, latest emissions regulations, boast improved fuel economy yet are powerful enough to pull the heavier loads we predominantly carry such as FMCG products to supermarket shelves.”

“I’m delighted to invest back into the business to ensure we have the best possible equipment for our drivers, customers and environment.”


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