Nustone paves way for success after signing up with Palletways UK

Nustone Paves Way

One of the UK’s leading independent garden supplies businesses is paving the way for further success after appointing the Palletways UK network to handle its deliveries.

For 15 years, Essex-based Nustone has been the leading independent supplier of high-quality natural stone and porcelain paving products, serving tradespeople and delivering direct to consumers, helping create patio spaces for over 100,000 customers across the UK.  

However, while the business has experienced strong growth in recent years, an internal review recommended improvements to its ‘last mile’ deliveries. “What we found was that as we were using several suppliers to get our goods to customers around the country this led to a slightly disjointed service which we needed to address,” said Simon Colyer, Nustone’s Operations Manager.

“When we looked to the market for a new supplier, the Palletways UK network was the clear favourite and we are very pleased with the service we are receiving.”

A cornerstone of Palletways UK’s success and a key motivation for Nustone to switch to the network is its ability to provide the end customers with a two-hour delivery window.

“This is an incredibly important element for us,” explains Simon. “We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and the fact we can now provide our customers with an accurate delivery window only enhances our reputation.”

Nustone’s Trustpilot score is currently up to around 97%-98% for its delivery times and services.

Nustone’s paving slabs and stoneware are transported from shipping containers to Palletways UK’s hubs in Fradley in the Midlands and Greenford in the South East before being collected, loaded onto trailers and distributed across the UK.

So far Palletways UK has moved around 10,000 pallets for Nustone, delivering an average of seven trailers of stone paving a day – each carrying 20-30 pallets – to tradespeople and consumers with the flexibility to scale up to 11 or more trailers if required.

Simon continues: “Another important factor in choosing the Palletways UK network is the resilience and flexibility that comes with it which is crucial to a business like ours which can see wide variations in demand due to seasonality.”

Damian Gilbertson, Commercial Sales Director,  Palletways UK, said: “When we first started talking to Nustone it quickly became evident that this was a successful and thriving business that was set for further growth.

“We understand that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to transport and logistics, therefore we listened to what Nustone said and analysed its operations before we presented a tailored solution designed to further enhance its operations and deliver value where it counts.

“Our ability to offer a consistently excellent delivery service throughout the UK, along with our technology that offers Nustone’s customers a two-hour delivery slot which is branded with Nustone’s logo, together with our capabilities to scale up and down as required to meet seasonal peaks, are all designed to help Nustone achieve even more success.”


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