Nottingham logistics firm drives to become carbon positive

Mitchells of Mansfield

Nottingham-based logistics firm, Mitchells of Mansfield a Palletways UK member, has partnered with climate action organisation Ecologi to drive the company’s social responsibility and support its pledge to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

In 2021 the company was assessed by Carbon Footprint Ltd to gain further awareness of how it can improve its emissions. The study found that the firm emitted a total of 3,174 tonnes of C02e in 2021; 92% of which was emitted through vehicle fuel usage, with over one million miles travelled by trucks.

Richard Montgomery, Managing Director for Mitchells of Mansfield, said: “Having our carbon footprint assessed was a real eye opener about how much carbon we produce. It’s pointless to assess what carbon we’re emitting and not act; we should take every opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint as fast as possible.”

When Richard heard that Palletways UK had teamed up with the certified B Corporation platform, Ecologi, to heighten its own corporate social responsibility and actively engage with carbon reduction projects and tree planting, he was keen for Mitchells of Mansfield to do the same.

Mitchells of Mansfield has partnered with Ecologi and developed a roadmap to becoming a climate positive company by 2027. This will involve working closely with Ecologi over the next four years to offset the firm’s annual emissions through funding climate projects and tree planting. Mitchells of Mansfield’s annual offsetting contributions will increase year on year and by 2026: the firm aims to offset 100% of its carbon, through offsetting 260 tonnes a month and planting 1000 trees a month.

Richard adds: “We’re proud to be partnering with Ecologi and taking the necessary steps to reducing our carbon footprint. As a logistics distribution company, we are aware of the industry’s impact on the environment and the challenges we face in becoming more sustainable. Ecologi does some amazing work and allows us to be involved in ethical climate projects. Palletways proactively uses Ecologi and has gifted us offsetting at Christmas.

“Mitchells is a family business with family values. It is important for us to leave a positive impact on our community and our industry. Partnering with Ecologi is just one of the many initiatives we are working on to help lower our impact on the environment.”

Already Mitchells of Mansfield has started to invest in decarbonising its fleet with the replacement of diesel forklift trucks to electric and the investment in electric vehicles and reduced-emission diesel engine vehicles. To view Mitchells of Mansfield’s progress and goals you can visit its Ecologi virtual forest. To view Palletways UK’s progress and goals you can visit Palletways' virtual forest .


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