Irish Logistics Firm appoints new Director of Operations


A leading Irish transport and logistics company has appointed a new Director of Operations to oversee the strategic development of its Dublin depot.

Transland Group, a longstanding member of Palletways UK, upskilled from within the business by awarding the role to Luke Conlon.

Luke joined the team in 2021 as Transland’s Sales Representative and, after taking on responsibilities outside of his remit, worked his way up the ranks to General Manager in 2023 and now to Director of Operations for Transland Group.

As General Manager, Luke Conlon was responsible for overseeing the overall day-to-day operations of the depot, including its P&L and staff development, where he led the project on designing and implementing an employee bonus scheme.

In his new role as Director of Operations, Luke will oversee the strategic development of Transland’s operation while also managing the structure and resources of the various departments to maximise productivity and provide long-term opportunities for staff.

Speaking on his appointment, Luke said: “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Transland Group and recognise that it has been a great privilege to work with so many talented people both in our company and across the wider Palletways network.

“This is a year of continued growth and employee development within Transland Group. Part of my remit will be focusing on long-term operational strategies and introducing more efficient workflows to optimise productivity and performance, at a company and individual level. I will be working closely with senior management to ensure that the company’s key objectives are achieved. I aim to create exciting, long-term opportunities for each member of staff and look forward to developing our operations in the UK and Ireland.”

Luke, who has been part of the Palletways’ Emerging Leaders Programme, has also earned high praise for the role he played in stabilising service during the unprecedented period of disruption following Brexit.

Warwick Trimble, UK Network Director at Palletways added: “Transland Group are a first-class operation, who deliver industry leading service for the Palletways network into Ireland and mainland Europe. Luke has proved to be a key part of the organisation and will doubtlessly play a major role in its future growth.”

Earlier this year, Transland Group merged both its Transport and Operations arms – which cover Irish Domestic Freight and UK-IE/EU Freight respectively – into a newly-formed ‘Traffic Department’.

The goal of this merger is to upskill staff and strengthen the team by giving employees the opportunity to experience different areas of the business and allowing them to gain more industry knowledge.

Transland Group is one of Ireland and the UK’s most reputable and innovative transport and logistics companies, with depots in Dublin and Fradley. Transland Group has been the Southern Ireland member for Palletways for 15 years. Since Brexit, the company has emerged as a leading Customs Clearance expert in the movement of goods between the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.


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