Christmas gifting comes early to Palletways’ network members

Palletways Christmas Gift

One hundred and forty-five depots within the Palletways UK network have been gifted over a quarter of a million miles of offset carbon for Christmas by the leading network itself, as it aims to heighten its corporate social responsibility.

To date, Palletways UK has contributed to the planting of more than 4,000 trees for a range of global forestry projects, with several being planted here in the UK.

Adding to this, this Christmas, Palletways UK has funded several projects which aid carbon reduction, to the value of 2.5 tCO2e for each of its 145 depots. Each bundle of 2.5 tCO2e equates to approximately 1,800 miles driven for non-refrigerated, regular-laden HGVs. The total offset funding figure tallies up to a total of 363 tCO2e, more than a quarter of a million offset miles.

Palletways UK network director, Warwick Trimble, says: “The last 12 months have been an instrumental period in our network’s investment in environmentally friendly initiatives. We’ve had many firsts – from depot-mounted solar panels to fully-electric vehicles, tree-planting pledges and a Green award. Our members set an excellent example for the haulage industry about how to make journeys more sustainable and reduce the sector’s carbon footprint.”

Daniel Salvatori, Group CEO of The Salvatori Group comments: “Salvatori is a proud Palletways partner. Understandably at Christmas, the industry has a large environmental impact, so it is great to see Palletways acknowledging this proactively and gifting this offset to members. It’s pleasing to see the strides the company is making to be a leader in the logistics industry within a sustainable framework.”

“Salvatori continually invests in sustainable operations and our recent solar panel projects to generate renewable electricity at our depots is one example. It’s encouraging to see all the great sustainable improvements being made across the industry and by our member partners nationwide. Aside from the clear financial advantages, we know first-hand that our choices, and those of the industry, pave the way for a new way of working within the logistics sector, whilst ensuring the longevity of our business in an ever-changing world.”

Ketra Logistics managing director Martyn Young adds: “The industry has seen substantial investment in environmentally friendly initiatives these last 12 months, by firms of all shapes and sizes, as climate change becomes an unavoidable topic. We are absolutely delighted with Palletways’ gift on our behalf to help fund carbon reduction projects.”


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