Argo Logistics Group acquires Palletways member Eaton Transport

Argo Logistics

One of the founding members of Palletways UK, Eaton Transport, has been acquired by Argo Logistics Group - retaining its palletised distribution business and securing workforce jobs in the process.

Continuing to trade as Eaton Transport, the business operates throughout the Bournemouth postcode area, across east Dorset and parts of south-west Hampshire. It collects and delivers goods for customers in sectors as varied as manufacturing and recycling, motorcycles and retail.

Commenting on the acquisition, Tom Hall, Argo’s managing director, said: “Eaton Transport brings a new dimension to Argo Logistics and many more exciting opportunities for the group.  We welcome Jim Maag as Operations Director, Jason Chandler as Group Sales Manager and the whole Eaton team with many year’s knowledge and experience. We’re looking forward to building the network area and our customer base further, having already invested in a new fulfilment warehouse in Amesbury and a new depot within Bournemouth airport near Hurn, both dedicated to Palletways UK activity.”

Jim Maag, operations director, adds: “The acquisition is a great coming together of two businesses that will mutually benefit from the deal. It stabilises a business which is well regarded locally and provides Argo with a gateway for its plans to expand further within the south-east of England.

“Customers will notice a new look for our fleet as we’ve adopted the deep green livery of Argo on our trailers. We’re adding seven more trailers and lift assist pallet trucks to the fleet soon.”

Rob Gittins, managing director of Palletways, comments: “The Palletways network is growing all the time. It continues to go from strength to strength because of companies like Eaton Transport.  The Argo acquisition is great news for the future of Eaton, maintaining its Palletways operation and improving the speed and delivery of our services to customers and partners.”


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