Time to 'Embrace The Advantage' with ETA

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The UK proudly sits third in the Global Innovation Index, which ranks countries annually by their capacity for, and success in, innovation. We nestle between Sweden (2nd) and the USA (4th) in the world order of who comes-up with the best ideas to meet society’s new needs. The number 1 nation is our friends in Switzerland.

US business management guru Gary Hamel wisely describes the place of innovation in business as “It's the only insurance against irrelevance. It's the only guarantee of long-term customer loyalty.” In this spirit, Palletways has constantly innovated with our Digital Information Hub and award-winning archway scanning technology. This is why we are Europe’s number one pallet network.

In 2017, we now launch yet another – which perhaps offers a giant leap towards the UK catching-up the Swedes! For the first time, a palletised freight network is now able to offer a two-hour time notification delivery window for customers and consumers. There was huge excitement from journalists who attended our launch about the prospect that we now offer. Appropriately enough, we unveiled the new technology at Greenwich Observatory, the birthplace of time.

Our ETA system puts Palletways on a par with the capabilities of the best parcel operators. Our game changing new technology is a mouth-watering prospect for our customers, whether they are in building and construction, DIY, garden and outdoor, or the many more industries that Palletways serves daily.

Beyond the two-hour window, the ETA system also offers SMS and email notifications with consumers receiving the notifications that the Palletways customer wants, such as delivery time and consignment content information. An ETA App for our members and customers to access information quickly and on the move.

How have we done it?

Listening to our members and customers

Asking for and collecting feedback was incredibly important to get our ETA system right. Customers told us they wanted to be able to keep track of their goods together with the ability to notify their consumers or delivery sites of what is being delivered and when. Palletways has pulled out all the stops to achieve these requirements.

Joining-up our existing award-winning technology (and people)

The ETA system builds upon our existing technology, such as our Digital Information Hub and archway scanning software, to make it work. And let’s not forget the most important part – the people. Our members and their drivers can adjust their route sequence on the ETA App to account for traffic accidents and delays, which automatically adjusts the two-hour delivery window for the customer, if required.

Test, test and test again

The system has been tested rigorously by our in-house IT Team, members and customers over the course of many months to ensure that it delivers the standard of customer service excellence by which Palletways is renowned for both in the UK and Europe.



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